Changing my address but not my location.


At the end of February I will shift the address of ministry calling from ABCNJ in Trenton to American Baptist Women’s Ministries in Valley Forge. With this shift comes a change in titles, from Associate Regional Pastor for Women in Ministry to Executive Director for American Baptist Women’s Ministries.

While I may have a new address, my heart’s desire to serve has not changed. I am still located within the women of our denomination. My heart, prayers and interests are still centered within women’s voices, gifts, ministries, joys, struggles, and ambitions.

I take with me your prayers, friendships, hugs, and tears. I also carry the memories of laughter, hard work, retreats, 1 on 1 dialogs, your shared wisdom, many conversations, workshops, and so much more. Moreover, my hope is still in the promises of Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I am grateful, blessed and molded by the modern day "Esthers, Abigails  and Zelophehad's daughters" who have challenged and supported me. We have laughed, cried, shared inside jokes, and especially prayed with and for each other. 

I began serving the Region while I was in seminary and God provided fertile ground for me to plant seeds and for me to blossom. I trust the Region's commitment to WIM will continue to be affirmed. Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder and connecting heart to heart. I trust God will continue to lead the way as I discern God’s voice in this new and wonderful adventure. I also hope each of you will continue to connect with and support, or begin to connect with and support,  American Baptist Women’s Ministries.