If You Don't Come Apart...

Early on in my pastoral ministry, a very wise and seasoned pastor gave me some advice I have tried to follow. It came in the form of this memorable phrase,

As a pastor, if you don’t come apart…you will simply come apart!!!
— A wise pastor

Over many years I have tried, with mixed success, to follow this advice and make regular time for prayer and retreats. This has probably saved me, and my ministry, more than once. This is one of the reasons I am passionate about organizing clergy retreats here in ABCNJ. I have been where you are, and nothing refreshes like time with the Master, connecting to the vine. This is not so I can preach a better sermon next week. It is because if I don’t, I will die spiritually.

I encourage all clergy in ABCNJ to take this time away to rest and reflect. Be an example of healthy spirituality for your congregation. Tell them what you are doing and why. Ask them to financially support you as you go on retreat. Then, join us as we, together, seek to renew our first love.

Use the button to register now. You, your family and your church will be glad you did.

Clergy Retreat

January 28 & 29
Harvey Cedars Bible Conference

$95 (double occupancy room)