UNCF Scholarship Opportunities for ABCNJ students

UNCF Scholarship Logo

ABCNJ, in partnership with the United Negro College Fund, is offering two $2,250.00 scholarships to ABCNJ students who are embarking on their college journey. These awards are administered by the UNCF and must be applied for through the process detailed below.

Applicant Criteria

  • Applicants must possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Applicants must be an active member of a congregation which in covenant with ABCNJ and located in the states of New Jersey, New York or Florida.
  • Applicants must be an entering freshman who has been accepted at any UNCF member institution, other HBCU, or an accredited four-year institution. 

Application Process

  1. Obtain a letter of recommendtion from a church administrator/leader of an ABCNJ church which is in covenant with the region.
  2. Write a one page stament on career interest.
  3. Provide a letter of admission from a college for enrollment in the Fall 2017 semester.
  4. Fill out the UNCF's application, which is available on their web site.

All materials must be received by the deadline listed below.


Date Activity
June 1, 2017 Application Opens
July 7, 2017 Application Closes
July 10-21, 2017 UNCF screens, reads, and ranks applicant pool
July 24, 2017 UNCF provides ranked pool to Grantor
July 28, 2017 Grantor provides feedback regarding ranked pool
August-September 2017 UNCF selects recipients, verifies, enrollment, provides written notification to Grantor, sends out award letters, and transmits funds
December 2017 Final report submitted to Grantor