Millennials...Justice...COAL 2017

Happening up North, March 4

Brianna Parker

If you google the word "millennials" you will be bombarded by headlines of why millennials are leaving the church, what millennials need from the church, where do millennials attend church, and things millennials want from the church...just to name a few. It is evident that this group we call millennials are a "hot topic." But are they are "hot topic" simply because we want to increase our  church attendance?  Dr. Brianna Parker, founder of Black Millennial Cafe, our 2017 COAL North plenary speaker and a millennial herself will challenge us in the way we engage with millennials. Dr. Parker believes that the church needs to go beyond the gimmicks and slang to engage with millennials in a way that is empowering, inclusive, reciprocal and transformative.  

The Message In the South, March 11

Ngwedia Paul Msiza

What about justice? Mr. Ngwedia Paul Msiza, our COAL South plenary speaker is committed to being a transformative agent to justice.  Mr. Msiza was among a number of Christians in South Africa who worked to dismantle apartheid and transform the country's political structures. A strong voice for preaching a gospel that condemns injustices while not abandoning the gospel of conversion, Msiza will challenge us to become agents of transformation because "we are converted people who now see things in a different way."

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