Expanding By Focusing

Stan Slade

I hope this finds you well!  May the Lord bless you during this time of celebrating anew—and continuing to embody—the fact and the meaning of Jesus’ birth.

You may have been too busy to think much about it, but I have been unusually quiet in recent years—especially the last couple.  There were still plenty of reflections to share, and news of God at work.  But I was too absorbed by opportunities to help other members of International Ministries global mission network (global servants, staff and mission partners) to find time to write. 

I have made a change and now hope to begin communicating more frequently.  This message is the first of a new series.  What you will find below is something I posted on IM’s website, but was not able to send by email at that time.  I also put a link to that posting on my Facebook page.  But I am sure there are folks who would not see the posting via those two channels.  We just worked out the kinks so that I can distribute my missionary journal reflections by email.  So, here is the first one.  If you already saw it, whether on Facebook or the IM site, please forgive me.  If you have not already seen it, I’m glad you’re getting it now!

The "expanding by focusing" change is this: for the last 6 years I have reduced my investment in hands-on work to encourage and equip church leaders, in order to help support the mission work of many other colleagues as a member of IM's home office team.  That ministry has been a great privilege, but I have longed to get back to my first love:  theological education, and especially, Bible study.  I am delighted to say that the important support role I have been playing at IM will now be filled by my good friend and dedicated colleague, Jim Bell.  Now I will be free both to focus specifically on training leaders for God's churches around the world and to expand the amount of time and energy I can pour into this focused work.  I hope you will choose to walk with me into this new phase of the journey!