Dr. Jeffrey Haggray

dr. Jeffrey Haggray

“When a compelling mission-driven vision is coupled with faith in God and a strong determination to succeed, the required resources often follow.”

Dr. Jeffrey Haggray serves as Executive Director of American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) and Judson Press.  At the heart of Haggray’s ministry lies his passions for motivating Christians to impact communities with their deeply-held faith; encouraging emerging leaders to discern and respond to God’s call; and emphasizing God’s loving concern for humanity’s well-being, wholeness, and justice. Haggray works closely with diverse national and regional partners to provide a clear vision of the Christian mission in today’s world, to cultivate relationships and to develop resources for transformational ministry with congregations, communities and regions across the United States and Puerto Rico.

As a regional executive minister in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Region for eight years, Haggray learned that when congregations and institutions can access the human and material resources they need to transform their communities, there is no limit to the impact they are able to make.

Barbara Bollick

Barbara Bolick

Barbara Bolick has been working in economic and community development in southern Chile since 2001. She and her husband Dwight have coordinated a variety of initiatives in the communities they serve, including, founding three artisan cooperatives, establishing a health services committee and renovating and reopening a local rural health clinic, introducing rain water collection through demonstration projects in local schools, community centers and private residences, beekeeping and language recovery efforts.

Barbara's main focus since 2005 has been the development of the Talita Cumi Girls' Club program. This program focuses on strengthening the internal assets of girls living in vulnerable situations by providing friendship, mentoring, spiritual formation, artisan training and community service opportunities. This program is currently serving more than 100 girls between the ages of 8&12 in some of Chile's most vulnerable communities. Barbara is currently beginning work on the contextual adaption of this program so it may serve other countries in Central and South America.