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Ed Borkowski makes his way into the surf

Ed Borkowski makes his way into the surf

"I want to do it the right way." This was the desire of Ed when he heard about the opportunity to be baptized in the ocean at 2016's Annual Session. Following a brain aneurysm in 2015 he'd found himself in the ICU for 99 days, followed by a 200 day rehabilitation. His ordeal, and a growing friendship with Rev. David Holwick of FBC Ledgewood (where Ed's wife was a member), awakened spiritual longings in Ed. When he was well enough he began to attend worship, and he became renewed in spirit as well as in body.

Ed's determination to reach the surf, and the support given to him by both his pastor and others from our ABCNJ family, was one of the greatest highlights of last year's Annual Session. We are putting out the call for 2017. Who will continue the message of Ed's powerful testimony?

Proclaim the name of Jesus!

I want to do it the right way
— Ed Borkowski, FBC Ledgewood

This year, ABCNJ will be returning to the Ocean, where we will celebrate the incredible passage of Baptism. We invite pastors from around our region to submit candidates to be baptized at our annual gathering.

Special Rate

Baptismal candidates, as well as up to four family members, can register for Saturday at a special rate of $49 per person. These registrations will be handled by the Region Office after a candidate's name is submitted by their pastor.

Pastors, submit your candidates

Pastors, please click/tap the button below to register your candidates for baptism at Annual Session. Each church is limited to three candidates.